Real Estate Session Tips

Tips and Preparation

Real Estate

Print these pages out if you can for an easy reference to prepare for your upcoming session.

Talk to your client.  The sooner the better, have that conversation with your client explaining the importance of professional photos in presenting their property to get them top dollar.  This can also kick-start their cleaning and de-cluttering, making it an easier conversation for you the day of the shoot.

Be much earlier than me.  Although the clients do want their properties to sell, not everyone is blessed with the ability to see things how others see them.  You know how you want to present the property, so you know what needs to be done.  If it is dirty, messy, or there are other problems you don’t want to have shown in the photos, they’ll need to be fixed before I arrive in order to avoid a rate increase mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Plan for the time.  If we’re doing a complete package including video walkthroughs, aerial, etc… it’s going to take much more time than shooting stills.  Some agents like to be on site, some like to let me in and go away, and some like to have me just meet with the client myself.  Whatever your preference, make sure that expectation is set for yourself and the client that the session will usually take 1-3 hours depending on the complexity of the package.

Have some titles ready.  When I send the final tour to you, there is a video slideshow included that you can add titles to for each photo if desired.  If you know what you’d like to hi-light (ie: “Granite Countertops or “Wood Burning Stove”) before you receive the link to your tour, you can easily add them and be up and going within minutes of receiving that link!

Use me again – and again!  I’ve been doing this for a long time.  I’m well versed in many types of photography, and as far as real estate goes, I work with many different agents.  What I’ve learned is many agents have a different idea of what they’re looking for.  I’ll get you the best photos you can get every time, but you may have a different idea for style or tone that you like which could be different than other agents.  I can give you what you want, so if this session wasn’t exactly it, let’s talk about what’s different and we’ll work together learning each other’s style and workflow.