Terms And Conditions


Cancellation for non-events can be done online up to 2 calendar days before the session for a full credit to reschedule the session.  After the 2 day window has passed, I will not be able to book the session time that was reserved for your session, so no refund will be available.  For events, weddings, Photo Booth/Studio Booth, and any session which requires additional expenses on my part, cancellation can be accepted up to 14 calendar days before the scheduled session for a 50% refund of the price for the session, less any expenses incurred for your session.  Deposits will not be refunded.

If I have to cancel for any reason, the paying party will receive their choice of a reschedule or 100% refund, payable 10 days after the cancellation.  We are not liable for any expense beyond what was paid to us for the session.


Please read the following to help ensure this is a great experience that will show your properties in the best light possible!

SHOOT READY. Our time block is our scheduled shoot time, which means the agent should be on-premises well before to clean, adjust, and stage on their own or with the seller. If I have to wait on site for the property to be cleaned or be made ready, I’m unable to work at other listings, edit your project, or perform any of the other multiple takes it takes to run a business successfully, as well as causing me to try to rearrange my schedule while trying to not lose business or appearing unreliable. So in order for me to meet the deadline I give you and keep my prices where they are, the house must be SHOOT-READY by the scheduled appointment time. Additionally, moving “stuff” from room-to-room hardly ever works, and can cause a huge delay in the process. If we’re waiting over 10 minutes for the house to become shoot-ready, or your listing goes over your 2 hour block due to things needing to be moved before or during our shoot session, there will be a $100 surcharge. Please have a thorough conversation with your owners on what you expect as far as cleaning, clutter, light bulbs, etc… for you and I to make their house look as great as possible in order to sell it.

INTERFERENCE. I use a LOT of really cool technology for almost every shoot I do. Sellers and tenants are naturally curious and want to see what’s going on, but 90% of the time they end up in the way or ruining the shot, causing a very large delay. 3D tours can be a extremely problematic, as it is a very specialized camera system using Google Maps technology which does not allow for stopping or single-area retakes, meaning we would have to start the whole process over if someone stepped into the shot. I can be the bad guy or you can, but it needs to be firmly communicated to anyone on-site that the photographers instructions must be followed.  A good idea is often to take the seller out to coffee when we start the shoot.

PETS. Having been bit and had to get shots from a listing who’s owner swore “would NEVER bite anyone!”, we have a very strict no-pets rule during the shoot. All pets must be taken off premises or secured before the shoot time. This not only ensures my safety and the pet’s safety, but also keeps the pets from interfering with the photos.

VIDEO FOOTAGE. Video takes a considerably greater amount of time to process and edit. Please allow 48-72 hours for final delivered product.


All aerial footage is subject to weather and location.

  1. The drone cannot fly in high-wind, rain, or snow. If the drone is not able to go into the air due to weather at our discretion, we will reschedule at no extra charge. If rescheduled because of the weather changing the agent’s preference on the aesthetic look of the shot, there will be a $90 surcharge for the additional time.
  2. Please be aware of your location before scheduling the shoot. The drone cannot fly in between power or telephone lines, or in “no-fly” zones such as near an airport. The drone receives “no-fly” instructions from a satellite feed, and cannot lift off. If the shoot is scheduled in an non-flyable area, there will be a $90 charge for the time if we arrive at the shoot and find we cannot lift off.  This surcharge does not apply if the aerial footage is combined with other services (i.e.: a Virtual Tour).