Ryan has spent most of his professional life working in adult education and has a passion for teaching and helping others to grow!  We’ve facilitated coaching, classes, workshops, and internships in order to help others create art, grow in their hobby, or build a business!


If you’re on a fluctuating schedule or prefer one-on-one instruction, individual lessons are an excellent way to grow at your own pace! We’ll work with you in your schedule, and we’ll set goals and milestones and you’ll be able to see the amazing progress you make as we journey together!

90 minute lesson



Photo 101: Beginning Photography

Go from “I have a DSLR” to “My pictures come out great on purpose!” This comprehensive course will teach you the fundamentals of photography in a way that will bring the concepts home to you!

Class requirements: DSLR, Memory Card, Willingness to Learn!

4-week class (4 sessions): $149


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Photo 102: Beginning Photography for Teens

Beginning Photography for Teens is a 4 week course designed with  a focus on relevant subjects for teens!  This fast-paced, high energy course meets twice a week in 90 minute sessions, shares assignments through social media, and has contests with some fun prizes!  A great way to get involved in a wonderful artistic hobby that could develop into paid work!  There will be an art show at the last class to display their best work.

Ages 14 and up.

Class Requirements: Digital camera that has manual settings (recommend DLSR – phone cameras are NOT ok), memory card, a way to upload (computer, iPad w/memory card adapter, etc…)

4-week class twice/week (8 sessions): $249*

*minimal additional supplies needed (optional)


Photo 201: Lightroom Basics

Learn to use Adobe Lightroom, the industry standard for organizing, editing, and publishing photos. This intensive course will teach you to navigate many of Lightroom’s features, develop tools, organization, and more!

Class requirements:Laptop, Original Images, Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, or CC

4-week class: $149


Photo 301: Modeling Photography

Take your photography to the next level by learning the tricks of controlled lighting and people! In this class we’ll cover how to work with models, professionalism, various angles, shooting the right look, and more!

Class requirements: DSLR, Memory Card, Maturity.  Recommended: Flash/Strobe

4-week class: $199*

*Class fee includes model at each session.


Photo 401: Photography as a Business

Now that you know which end of the camera to hold and how to get the results you’re looking for on purpose, you’re ready to take the next steps and start a side business or maybe move into photography full time!  We’ll take you through the scary parts of establishing a business, branding, how to sell your images, web hosting, digital image commerce laws, privacy laws, how to find the best prices on equipment, working with clients, pricing, and how to still have fun while doing it!

4-week class: $149