Studio Booth


Remember back in the day when your mom dropped you off at the mall and you and all of your best friends stuffed yourselves into that teeny photo booth box, paid your $5, and the camera snapped 2 quick photos of you while you panicked trying to figure out what pose to do before it was too late?  Then you all came out laughing and fought over the single photo strip that popped out of the machine?  Your photos probably looked like mine (circa 1991 + 1992).

Take a cute one. CLICK. Now, what? Ahhh… hurry up and do something! What? What?! Ok, I’ll just stick my tongue out. CLICK. 

Ok, one cute one. CLICK. Let’s do a fun one now. CLICK. 5 minutes later… Why does it look like you’re picking your nose and I’m eating it? 

Should we just smile? Or…? Oh shoot, hurry. Yeah just smile. CLICK. Oh, I didn’t smile fast enough! Now what? I don’t know, are you just smiling? I can’t see what you’re doing… here, let me just ….CLICK. uggg. 

In a throwback to the days of yore, we have fine-tuned the art of the traditional “photo booth” or “selfie booth” and reimagined it into our fully portable and customizable Studio Photo Booth. Our open air booth allows for up to 10 people to get into the shot. While you organize your goofiness with our insanely fun (and customizable!) props in front of the background of your choice, view yourself on our TV screen so you can see what you will look like before YOU take control and press the giant magic button to initiate the countdown. Don’t know what pose to do- let us help. Our fully trained photo booth attendants are chock full of jolly ideas and will even help you choose your props!

Take up to 4 pictures at a time with instant prints and an online digital gallery so you never again have to fight with your bestie over who gets to keep the picture. Don’t like the pose you struck? No problem. We offer unlimited prints so you can play to your heart’s content until you get it just right. Get back all the nostalgia of your childhood with the benefits of today’s technology and stunning studio quality cameras and prints.


  • Event Consultation
  • Delivery + Setup
  • Choice of Perfect Backdrop
  • Themed Props
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Online Gallery + Free Downloads
  • Photo Booth Attendant throughout the event
  • Unlimited fun!

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