Boudoir Session Tips

Tips and Preparation

Boudoir Session Tips

Print out these pages if you can for an easy reference to prepare for your upcoming session.

• Shoot time starts at the appointment time. If you need to prep on site, please arrive early

enough to take care of what you need.

• If using one of our stylists, please work out the details with her beforehand.

• If doing your own hair/makeup, please have it ready to go by the start of the shoot.

• Remember to wear loose clothing before the shoot to avoid dark lines visible on your skin.

• If shooting in the studio, feel free to bring a robe or cover-up in case you need to use the

restroom outside if the studio.

• Feel free to bring your favourite playlist or let us know what music you’d like to listen to during the

shoot. This is YOUR shoot – anything but Kanye is acceptable.

• Any nude/lingerie proofs will only be available through an encrypted password protected page.

If you would like others to have access, you must provide them with the password.

• Non-RBP staff are not allowed in the studio or on location during shoots.

• The photographer(s) are professional, so please do not touch them inappropriately during the


• Let us know whatever you need as far as temperature, breaks, relaxation. If you’re not

comfortable, it will show in the shot and not do either party any good.

• Have fun! It’s only a small percentage of people that can do this psychologically and

physically! You get to have a great experience that most people you know will never have!