Aerial Video

Bringing a new perspective to your listings, sites, and farms, Aerial photos and videos perfect for grabbing that extra perspective you’ll need to get the job done!  Ideal for your website, MLS listing, shareholder meetings, pest control, and insurance appraisers, aerial footage provides you with the upper hand in dealing with negotiations or issues that may arise*.

Here are just a few of the uses:


  • View of the area
  • Surrounding land
  • Condition of the roof
  • Eye-catching perspective


  • Build progress
  • Site conditions
  • Quality control
  • Insurance


  • Crop health
  • Irregularities
  • Pest control
  • Water issues

How it works:

Simply schedule your property below with the address and the requested shoot date.  We don’t fly in extreme weather, so if that day is a rainy day we’ll be out there at the next available dry slot!  You can choose to either have us shoot immediately or wait until the next clear day for some blue skies!  Finish your booking with an online payment, and that’s it!  You’ll receive your photos and/or video in the time you specified.  It’s that easy!  Book now, sit back, and relax.


-5 aerial photos of the requested area showing different angles/perspectives
-Professional Editing into watchable 2-3 minute video
-Background music
-Video Publishing


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*All aerial footage is subject to weather and location.
1) The drone cannot fly in high-wind, rain, or snow. If the drone is not able to go into the air due to weather at our discretion, we will reschedule at no extra charge. If rescheduled because of the weather changing the agent’s preference on the aesthetic look of the shot, there will be a $90 surcharge for the additional time.
2) Please be aware of your location before scheduling the shoot. The drone cannot fly in between power or telephone lines, or in “no-fly” zones such as near an airport. The drone receives “no-fly” instructions from a satellite feed, and cannot lift off. If the shoot is scheduled in an unfly-able area, there will be a $90 charge for the time if we arrive at the shoot and find we cannot lift off.