Real Estate Photography


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Multiple options to choose from depending on your needs and how much traffic you’d like your listings to receive. One of the things I excel in is helping Real Estate agents present their properties in a way that gets buyers into their doors! Using professional equipment, a creative eye, technology, social aspects and agent branding techniques I do what others can’t and make every property stand out in your listings!

Virtual Tour


25 HDR Stills

Professional Editing

24 Hour Turnaround

Complete Useage Release

Easy Download Images

Custom Flyer w/QR Code

Image Hosting

Agent Branding

Virtual Tour

Friendly Service

Best Value

3D Walkthrough Premium Listing


<2000 Sq Ft

20-25 HDR Stills

Professional Editing

Fast Turnaround on Stills and 3D Tour

72 Hour Tunaround on 3D Model

Complete Useage Release

3D Tour

3D Model

Full Diminsions

Downloadable Floorplan

Image Hosting

Agent Branding

Brokerage Logo

Friendly Service

Add Ons

Starting Prices Below

Aerial Photography ($100)

Aerial Video ($299)

Video Walkthrough w/Titles ($200)

Virtual Tour Voice Over ($75)

Agent Promo Video ($599)

Additional Edited Stills (5/$25)

3D Walkthrough >$250

Twilight External Shots ($75)

Office Head Shots ($150 + $15)

Home Introduction Video ($.79/ft)


Home Trailer Video:

Make your listing really stand out while putting your brand miles ahead of the other agents! Compelling videos are shown to increase contact from buyers directly, increasing your commission percentage! A one minute trailer video is designed to create an emotional connection to the home and hinting at a story that captivates your buyers! Using the one minute cutoff, it’s the perfect duration for TV Commercial slots, Facebook uploads, and social sharing to go viral. $.50/sq ft, includes Virtual Tour

Home Introduction Video:

A 3-5 minute narrated video walkthrough of all of the listing’s features. The Home Introduction Videos are a the professional choice of a complete tour, perfect for telling the complete story of the home and getting you and/or your team recognized and branding you as THE choice of a seller’s agent. $.79/sq ft includes Virtual Tour

Agent Promo Video:

Who are you? Who is on your team? What is it like to work with you? An agent promo video doesn’t focus on an individual listing, but instead focuses on establishing your brand and creating a wonderful public-facing presentation that can be used again and again on your website, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Central Valley Talk, and each of your listings! Define your brand the right way by getting the right image for your business in front of the public. $600